Why Choose Us


Dr. Singh Test Tube Baby Centre

 1. Our success rate is equivalent to successful center in world.
 2. We have all back up of machine and apparatus is world Class

 3. Our second opinion is free of cost.
 4. In second cycle procedure the charges are 20% less than first cycle.
 5. Our own team look after Research and Development  Department of our .....lab.

 6. Our own team runs Embryology ,Surgery & Gynecology part under same ..... roof.

 7. Our Doctors team give all your answers and treatment queries on E-Mail ..... or Fax or Mobile, after the IVF Pregnancy done.

 8. Our city Meerut is 60 km away from the capital Delhi .It has a pleasant .....environment and the center is economical .

 9. Our team is expert in doing foetal Reduction in multiple pregnancy.