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Dr. Singh Test Tube Baby Centre

Dr. Singh test tube baby center was establised on 14th Dec 2005 at Meerut near ciruit house, civil lines area by Dr. Shashi Singh (DGO, MS) and Dr. Anirudh Singh M.S. (Surg.), F.I.A.G.E.S., FAIS, FMAS URO AND LAPAROSCOPIC SURGEON INFERTILITY SPECIALIST. Their expert team have developed 1st test tube baby of this region. Till now their team have developed 1st TWIN and 1st TRIPLET test tube baby of this region. Till now we have developed more then 1500 test tube babies.

All modern facilities are available at Dr. Singh Test Tube Baby Centre. Recently, three test tube baby were born at there centre and this incidence was widely covered by National Electronic Media Like AAJ TAK, ZEE NEWS, SAHARA SAMAY etc.

  At Dr. Singh Test Tube Baby Centre we offers IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Treatment to infertile couples.

IVF can maximize your chance of getting pregnant. It is not so expensive as people think we offer affordable services at our centre and our result equal to the whole world at any infertility clinic.

  At the Dr. Singh Test Tube Baby Centre, Dr. Shashi Singh and Dr. Anirudh Singh do IVF at affordable price in a comfortable atmosphere. We offer all the newest reproductive techniques, including IVF, ICSI, embryo freezing, egg donation and blastocyst transfer.

  We personally do every step of IVF treatment ourself and infertile couple don't have to run here and there for different Procedures to  different doctors. We feel that every couple who under goes IVF treatment is under emotional phase and it is our duty that they  must feel comfort at each and every step which can only be given to them by consulting them at each step. And if so many medical personal are involved in management than no body of them attach to infertile couple mentally. So at our center either Dr. Shashi Singh or Dr. Anirudh Singh manage the couple and each step is done by our self.

  Our Team doing IVF since 2005 and perform more then 250 IVF cycles every year.



Celebrating 18th Annual Day

Successful IVF Pregnancies in duration of covid-19 pandemic.


Procedure completed with all covid-19 precautions.


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