Our Mission & Our Vision


Dr. Singh Test Tube Baby Centre



Our Mission:



To provide our patients and their partners with state-of-the-art (ultra modern) infertility treatment, in a caring environment where the patient is our first priority.


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Our Vision:



To provide our patients with personalized care of the highest standard, to keep pace with newer and advanced technologies in treating couples, to engage in research that will improve the understanding and treatment of infertility in India and around the world.



Our Centre:

Our expert team have developed 1st test tube baby of this region. Till now our team have also developed 1st TWIN and 1st TRIPLET test tube baby of this region and more then 1000 test tube babies have been developed till Febrauary 2015. Recently, three test tube baby were born at our centre and this incidence was widely covered by National Electronic Media Like AAJ TAK, ZEE NEWS, SAHARA SAMAY etc.

Our Team doing IVF since 2005 and perform more then 250 IVF cycles every year.